Pink Cookies

July 23, 2012

The weather here today is unbelievably miserable. Driving to work, I could barely see two feet in front of me because of the rain. However, I wanted to try to brighten up the day by sharing this recipe I found for strawberry cake mix cookies with cream cheese frosting. Mine came out a little burnt around the edges (it was my first time making these!), however, I brought them to a party on Saturday night and they were a hit! So glad I got to make these over the weekend – they did not take too much time at all and it’s a great, simple dessert for a pink party or Valentine’s Day (I know I am a bit early on that one). ¬†Happy Monday!

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2 Responses to Pink Cookies

  1. thanks for making & linking up my recipe and yes, they do burn easily (so delicate) but glad they were a hit!

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