Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

I came across this recipe on Pinterest (clearly) the other day, and knew I had to try these immediately. I have done a lot of baking and cooking in my time and this was honestly one of the easiest, most delicious recipes I have tried to date. The donuts were so moist and fluffy, better than any donut from a coffee house (not to mention they were hot off the press). I added my own little twist on some of them and decided to stamp the center with a heart cookie cutter. These would be great for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary party, or just for a mouthwatering dessert everyone will love.


  1. Cara says:

    These look soooo good, I’ve been dying to try my hand at homemade donuts.

    To answer your question about which cruise line we went on, we used Celebrity and I thought they were fantastic!

    • tiffany says:

      they were delicious! and so easy to make 🙂

      so glad you had a great cruising experience! looking forward to booking my next one

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