Red Hot

As of most recently, I have been trying more and more to paint my own nails. Notorious for my lack of mobility with my left hand (I am a righty), I always thought I was doomed for at home manicures. However, since I have gotten older, my coordination has gotten slightly better and I am able to control my shaky left hand. Here is an easy DIY manicure that I love for the end of summer (or use a darker red color for the holidays soon approaching).

1. Chose your shade of nail polish and glitter of choice {OPI “Girls Just Want to Play” & Martha Stewart Glitter}

2. After filing and buffing nails to desired length, paint on your base coat. After that has dried for a minute, start painting the first layer of nail polish.

3. Once you reach your ring finger, add your glitter of choice while the polish is still wet. Make sure after you added desired amount of glitter to your nail, shake off the excess.

4. Continue to paint the last nail with the first coat of polish.

5. With a cuticle pusher, go around glitter nail and clean up.

 6. Apply top coat and you’re done!


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