Happy Halloween!

{Top left: All Saints Leather Jacket, Middle: Bat Sequin Pullover, Bag, JS by Jessica BeijoBlack pumps, Rag and Bone fedora, Butter Nail Polish, Essie “Fear or Desire“}

Sorry for the short post everyone, but we JUST got our power back later last night after Hurricane Sandy. Thank goodness everyone is OK – we live right near the water but thankfully no flooding. In situations like this, you really learn to appreciate things in life. We were so thankful to get our power back and to take hot showers again. Unfortunately, many people are still without these things and have had major damage to their homes and cars; my prayers are with all of those families who are in need of some hope at this time. On a lighter note, everyone please have a happy and safe Halloween tonight! Since we were stuck in the house for 2 days, we kinda ate all of the candy – oops?


  1. lyddiegal says:

    being powerless stinks! I know there are people far worse off so I should be thankful the only things I lost to the storm were food related, but it’s still so annoying to have life completely disrupted. Glad you got your power back and safely weathered the storm!

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