Friday Favorites

{Fall sunset}

Happy Friday! Finally the weekend has arrived {ok, well in about 7 hours}! This week was full of ups and downs – many of the downs being caused by the snow storm that hit us not even a week after Sandy. Needless to say, I hope everyone can have a nice, relaxing weekend to take the stress levels down a notch. With the snow came that familiar feeling of the holiday season inching closer by the day, and I can’t say I’m not excited about that. Have a great weekend!

{I know Halloween has passed this year, but aren’t these so cute?!}

{New Michael Kors top handle}

{My absolute favorite red nail polish Essie “Fishnet Stockings” with a cozy sweater}

{Leopard bag + purple + moccasins}

{Where did the summer go? Missing open toed sandals}


  1. Lyddiegal says:

    OH my that bag! It is so gorgeous!
    I feel so bad for the people who got their power restored from sandy only to lose it again in this one – ugh, what luck.

    but — maybe this will be exactly like last year, a hurricane, an earthquake, a snow storm and THEN a really warm, mild winter. Would be nice.

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