This past week…

I’m sorry I haven’t gotten around to blogging much, but these past few weeks have been pretty hard for me to keep up between work and personal life, especially with the tragedy that hit so close to home last week. Newtown is not even an hour away from where I live – I would have never thought something this horrific could have happened in such a quiet, peaceful town. Since last Friday, I have experienced such a range of emotions – from angry to heartbroken – praying for all of those innocent lives that were taken so quickly. I have been trying to give as much as I can – Steven’s sister started a donation page for the victims relief fund and it felt so good to donate something. I have also been participating in the 26 Acts of Kindness¬†for each of the victims and thinking about each one as I do so.¬†Wishing all of you a happy and blessed holiday season. x


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  1. lyddiegal says:

    what happened in newtown is just so terrible. i can’t even listen to a news story about it without tearing up. my heart goes out to those families, i can’t imagine how hard this christmas is going to be for them.

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