Friday Favorites


detox water




1. Beautiful flowers at Sunday brunch

2. My latest go-to drink: detox water. Mix water, lemons, limes and some mint leaves together and let steep in a pitcher. This is so refreshing for those thirst quenching afternoons

3. The calmest sunset boat ride we have had all summer – I even got to drive the boat home! I have my boating license but do not like to be the captain {I leave that job to the boys :)}

4. My boating essentials: check back for a more detailed look!

5. Last but not least, my favorites, hydrangeas from our garden. I took this picture on such a gorgeous night and was so glad I got this shot

Happy weekend everyone! I hope it’s as fabulous as you x


  1. lyddiegal says:

    Where were there cherry blossoms in bloom this time of year??

    Love your boat at sunset photo… I haven’t been on a boat ride in forever, which makes me sad because I loved it. And I really loved it when the water was choppy and we’d go flying over the waves, hehe.

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