Roasted Potatoes with Bacon

September 4, 2013




I am always on the hunt for a great side dish. I found this recipe and immediately knew I had to try it. It incorporates some of my favorite food items, including bacon and caramelized onions. Sprinkle some parmesan cheese on top and let it melt into the warm potatoes and crispy bacon. The great thing about this dish is that you roast everything in the oven, which makes me feel a little better when eating this flavorful concoction.

2 Responses to Roasted Potatoes with Bacon

  1. Mmmm, sounds sooo good! (except I don’t like onions and cheese, haha)

  2. lyddiegal says:

    Yum. I bet this would be good for any meal of the day, really. Can’t go wrong with these tasty basics!

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